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Product overview

  • Neroli Rose 200ml [Rose Garden]

  • Bergamot & Lime 200ml [Spicy Freshness]

  • Earl Grey 200ml [Afternoon Break]

  • Citrus Lavender 200ml [Unwinding Moments]

  • Sandalwood & Oud 200ml [Orient Express]

  • Greentea Grapefruit 200ml [Summer Sweet]

  • Nordic Pine 200ml [Morning Walk]

  • Lily Ylang Ylang 200ml [Exotic Wellness]

  • Fresh Linen 200ml [Spring Clean]


Classic 50nl comes in 3 fragrances:

  • Neroli Rose [Rose Garde] is a delicate, sweet Orange Blossom and calming, soothing Rose intoxicate the senses
  • Fresh Linen [Spring Clean] - Imagine a gentle breeze on a spring day, a refreshing blend of cotton flower and mimosa 
  • Greentea Grapefruit [Summer Sweet] - It's created as a clean, uplifting, feel-good fragrance to energize, excite and revive

Essential 100ml comes in 6 fragrances with additional:

  • Citrus Lavender [Unwinding Moments] - Fruity vibrant citrus combined with soft calming lavender evoke the scent of an English garden 
  • Earl Grey [Afternoon Break] Imagine an afternoon tea, sandwiches and croquet on the lawn. Delicate with refreshingly fragrant Bergamot 
  • Bergamot & Lime [Spicy Freshness] Imagine a fresh and green Mediterranean beach, lively and bright, lush as an open citrus grove

Indulge 200ml comes in 9 fragrances with additional

  • Sandalwood & Oud [Orient Express] is an exotically oriental earthy, woody, warm sandalwood is deep, robust and smoky sweet.  
  • Nordic Pine [Morning Walk] is an aromatic and woody, a bracing walk through the pine forest on a bright frosty day. Relaxing! 
  • Lily Ylang Ylang [Exotic Wellness] is a soft and fragrant bouquet of Lily, Ylang Ylang and warm vanilla to intoxicate the sense