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Product overview

  • Cotton Flowers [Morning Freshness]

  • Vanilla Cream [Home Baking]

  • Rose & Oudh [Beautiful Bouquet]

  • Oriental Black Tea [World Ritual]

  • Attar Oudh & Bergamot [Old Spice]

  • Decadence Moments [Spa Retreat]

  • Heavenly Fruits [Happy Hour]

  • Lemongrass & Lime [Summer Camp]

  • White Lily & Wisteria [Patio Flower]

  • Cassis & Fig [Evening Stroll]

  • Vintage Fizz [Prosecco Party]

  • Pomegranate Rouge [Date Night]


Scented Candle Classic Range of 9cl votive glossy black and white candles comes in 3 fragrance


  • Rose & Oudh [Beautiful Bouquet] is a rich, luxurious scent contains the exotic blend of lychee, geranium and precious oudh
  • Cotton Flowers [Morning Freshness] is a fresh, clean floral fragrance with rose, lily, freesia and cool linen lifted by crisp grapefruit
  • Vanilla Cream [Home Baking] is a warm gourmand fragrance of vanilla bean twisted with sweet subtle notes of caramel

Scented Candle Essential Range of 30cl candles comes in glossy black, silver and white candles with the choice of 6 fragrances 


  • White Lily & Wisteria [Patio Flowers] a beautifully fresh and light floral fragrance opens with pretty notes of lily, jasmine and wisteria
  • Attar Oudh & Bergamot [Old Spice] a stunning fragrance divine blend of sensuous Arabian Oudh and expression of zesty Italian bergamot  
  • Lemongrass & Lime [Summer Camp] a fresh fragrance with squeezed lemons, ripe limes twisted with aromatic lemongrass and eucalyptus 
  • Oriental Black Tea [World Ritual] a rich tea infusion with notes of zesty lemon enlaced in geranium, amber and musk, warm cinnamon, clove
  • Heavenly Fruits Happy Hour] a truly heavenly fragrance with refreshing notes of Watermelon and Basil, leading to a dreamy heart of sweet floral
  • Decadence Moments [Spa Retreat] a soft, gentle musk base adds the perfect sumptuous touch to this wonderfully indulgent scent to relax 


Scented Candle Indulge Range of 400g in the 3-wick candles comes in a glossy black glass with the choice of the following fragrances


  • Pomegranate Rouge [Date Night] rich spicy accord with a warming blend of pink pepper, cardamom, armoire, thyme and frankincense. A fruity heart base of warming amber, tobacco and cedar wood
  • Cassis & Fig [Evening Stroll] a green herbal accord with notes of fig leaf, raspberry, cassis and rich plum along with fig notes blended with a woody base.
  • Vintage Fizz [Prosecco Party] a fragrance with alluring sparkling notes of crisp white pear slices, shades of green grape the shimmering champagne is soothed by hints of vanilla and oak barrel