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Do I pay a joining fee when I join the 'Home Fragrance Club' by PureStyle of London?

No membership fee here! You only pay for the products in your monthly shipments.

What is your cancellation policy at PureStyle of London?

We’d not be happy to see you leave the Club, but you can cancel at any time. No questions asked. You can do this yourself via your Account under Membership Settings or alternatively reach out to one of our customer service staff via and they’ll be more than happy to help.

How can I change my next delivery by selecting new fragrance and/or reeds?

To change and update your next refill pack delivery:

▸ login to your PureStyle of London 'account page'

▸ choose in the left Account Dashboard 'my subscription profiles'

▸ choose the product you prefer to update

▸ click on EDIT on the top of the page, select OK

▸ at the top you choose 'Change Product'

▸ choose the new preferred fragrance and the new reeds

▸ finalize your update through clicking on the button 'update profile'

You're all set! 


PureStyle of London is a new brand for me. What is the essence of your brand?

We have launched the first and new subscription-based “Home Fragrance Club’ and offer consumers a new mix & match experience in this category. PureStyle of London is a new brand who sources, makes and sells naturally scented candles and premium reed diffusers under the brand PureStyle of London. We are supporting charities and ensure a neutral carbon footprint.


What if I still have some fragrance left and don't need a refill yet?

No problem! We offer flexible shipping frequency options, so you can change your refill pack any time. In your Account Page you can Edit or Pauze or Cancel your subscription any time. We will only bill you on the months that you receive shipments. 

Why should I buy PureStyle of London? What are your brand values?

PureStyle of London has the following brand values:

▸ long lasting premium quality comparable to the market leaders, but with a broader selection

▸ mix & match new approach on vessels, reeds, lids and fragrances and personalization possible

▸ highest quality but still affordable pricing through smart replenishment system

▸ simple subscription and replenishment conveniently delivered to your doormat

▸ supporting charities and environmentally friendly with a neutral carbon footprint


Is there a way I can try your product before I buy?

New customer? There are two different ways to experience or try our product. Within the Gift Set section at the top of the menu, you can either choose one-time-purchase Gift Set with different combinations or you can choose to get some free fragrance samples to experience the smell first to make your purchase selection  

Can I create my own Starters Pack?

YES, you can create your own Starters Pack and select for Reed Diffusers your prefered vessel size, colour, reeds and fragrance and for the Scented Candles you can choose your own tumble size, colour, lid and fragrance all to your liking