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Product overview

  • Black Glass Diffuser Indulge

  • Clear Glass Diffuser Essential

  • Clear Glass Diffuser Indulge

  • Matt Glass Diffuser Essential

  • White Glass Diffuser Indulge

  • Clear Glass Diffuser Classic


  • Our high quality Reed Diffusers bottles are locally sourced and come in various sizes, colours, caps and neck labels with increased choice accross our three ranges - Classic, Essential and Indulge  
  • Classic Reed Diffusers bottles are 50ml and come with a choice of 3 different fragrances and 3 different colour reeds to compliment your room. We recommend this smaller bottle size for bathrooms and cloakrooms for a continuous fresh scent   
  • The Essential Reed Diffusers range offers 100ml bottles in clear or frosty with the choice of 6 different fragrances and 4 different colour reeds with the additional choice of 3 different caps. This size bottle would suit a larger space such as a hallway or bedroom 
  • Our Indulge Reed Diffuser range offers 200ml and is part of our premium range offering the widest choice from all the different coloured reeds and 9 premium frangrance to fill larger rooms, such as your lounge or kitchen with beautiful long lasting scent