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Product overview

  • Clear Diffuser - Fresh Linen

  • Black Diffuser - Earl Grey

  • White Diffuser - Bergamot & Lime

  • Clear Diffuser - Greentea Grapefruit

  • Black Diffuser - Citrus Lavender

  • White Diffuser - Lily Ylang Ylang


  • 1/ Reed Diffuser Indulge > Clear Glass 200ml with black reeds and Fresh Linen fragrance [Go to 'Start Shopping' click Reed Diffusers and choose the right Indulge Range and make the selections]
  • 2/ Reed Diffuser Indulge > Black Glass 200ml with black reeds and Earl Grey fragrance [Go to 'Start Shopping' click Reed Diffusers and choose the right column Indulge Range and make the selections]
  • 3/ Reed Diffuser Indulge > White Glass 200ml with white reeds and Bergamot & Lime fragrance [Go to Get Started click Reed Diffusers and choose the right column Indulge Range and make the selections]
  • 4/ Reed Diffuser Indulge > Clear Glass 200ml with black reeds and Green tea Grapefruit fragrance [Go to 'Start Shopping' click Reed Diffusers and choose the right column Indulge Range and make the selections]
  • 5/ Reed Diffuser Indulge > Black Glass 200ml with black reeds and Citrus Lavender fragrance [Go to 'Start Shopping' click Reed Diffusers and choose the right column Indulge Range and make the selections]
  • 6/ Reed Diffuser Indulge > White Glass 200ml with white reeds and Lily Ylang Ylang fragrance [Go to 'Start Shopping' click Reed Diffusers and choose the right column Indulge Range and make the selections]
  • 2 x Scented Candle Classic [small /votive]

  • Scented Candle Essential Black

  • Scented Candle Essential Silver

  • Scented Candle Essential White

  • Scented Candle Indulge Range


  • Our PureStyle of London Scented Candles come in three different sizes and colors. The Classic range votive range comes in a choice of either Black or White. Our Essential range offers 3 color choices, Black, White, and Silver. The most luxurious 3-wick Indulge range comes in stylish Black only.
  • To gain maximum enjoyment from your PureStyle of London candle please follow these instructions. Trim wick to approx 5mm before lighting and re-lighting between burns. Depending on the size of the candle allow the wax to pool to the edge of glass before extinguishing this will prevent tunneling. Gently blow your candle out to avoid any wax spillage. Never let the candle burn below 2cm from the base, the heat from the metal wick base can cause the glass to crack.  Keep the wax pool clear of matches and other debris to avoid flaring.
  • Candle Safety is very important so please read this carefully. Never leave a burning candle unattended, Burn Candles out of reach of Children and Pets. Always leave at least 10cm between burning candles. Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire. Do not place in a draught Do not place a candle near a source of heat. Always use a candleholder, and protect surfaces beneath from wax spillage & heat. Place your candle in an upright position. Do not move a burning Candle. 

  • Gold Lid Indulge Range

  • Silver Lid Essential Range

  • Copper Lid Essential Range


  • Our starters pack candles are supplied with stylish Lids to add great design when not in use and provide functionality. providing dust and locking in scent 
  • The Classic range Lids are in Silver. Our Essential range offers the choice of Silver and Copper and the most luxurious range Indulge offers the choice of Silver, Copper or Gold 
  • Cotton Flowers [Morning Freshness]

  • Vanilla Cream [Home Baking]

  • Rose & Oudh [Beautiful Bouquet]

  • Oriental Black Tea [World Ritual]

  • Attar Oudh & Bergamot [Old Spice]

  • Decadence Moments [Spa Retreat]

  • Heavenly Fruits [Happy Hour]

  • Lemongrass & Lime [Summer Camp]

  • White Lily & Wisteria [Patio Flower]

  • Cassis & Fig [Evening Stroll]

  • Vintage Fizz [Prosecco Party]

  • Pomegranate Rouge [Date Night]


Scented Candle Classic Range of 9cl votive glossy black and white candles comes in 3 fragrance


  • Rose & Oudh [Beautiful Bouquet] is a rich, luxurious scent contains the exotic blend of lychee, geranium and precious oudh
  • Cotton Flowers [Morning Freshness] is a fresh, clean floral fragrance with rose, lily, freesia and cool linen lifted by crisp grapefruit
  • Vanilla Cream [Home Baking] is a warm gourmand fragrance of vanilla bean twisted with sweet subtle notes of caramel

Scented Candle Essential Range of 30cl candles comes in glossy black, silver and white candles with the choice of 6 fragrances 


  • White Lily & Wisteria [Patio Flowers] a beautifully fresh and light floral fragrance opens with pretty notes of lily, jasmine and wisteria
  • Attar Oudh & Bergamot [Old Spice] a stunning fragrance divine blend of sensuous Arabian Oudh and expression of zesty Italian bergamot  
  • Lemongrass & Lime [Summer Camp] a fresh fragrance with squeezed lemons, ripe limes twisted with aromatic lemongrass and eucalyptus 
  • Oriental Black Tea [World Ritual] a rich tea infusion with notes of zesty lemon enlaced in geranium, amber and musk, warm cinnamon, clove
  • Heavenly Fruits Happy Hour] a truly heavenly fragrance with refreshing notes of Watermelon and Basil, leading to a dreamy heart of sweet floral
  • Decadence Moments [Spa Retreat] a soft, gentle musk base adds the perfect sumptuous touch to this wonderfully indulgent scent to relax 


Scented Candle Indulge Range of 400g in the 3-wick candles comes in a glossy black glass with the choice of the following fragrances


  • Pomegranate Rouge [Date Night] rich spicy accord with a warming blend of pink pepper, cardamom, armoire, thyme and frankincense. A fruity heart base of warming amber, tobacco and cedar wood
  • Cassis & Fig [Evening Stroll] a green herbal accord with notes of fig leaf, raspberry, cassis and rich plum along with fig notes blended with a woody base.
  • Vintage Fizz [Prosecco Party] a fragrance with alluring sparkling notes of crisp white pear slices, shades of green grape the shimmering champagne is soothed by hints of vanilla and oak barrel
  • Black Glass Diffuser Indulge

  • Clear Glass Diffuser Essential

  • Clear Glass Diffuser Indulge

  • Matt Glass Diffuser Essential

  • White Glass Diffuser Indulge

  • Clear Glass Diffuser Classic


  • Our high quality Reed Diffusers bottles are locally sourced and come in various sizes, colours, caps and neck labels with increased choice accross our three ranges - Classic, Essential and Indulge  
  • Classic Reed Diffusers bottles are 50ml and come with a choice of 3 different fragrances and 3 different colour reeds to compliment your room. We recommend this smaller bottle size for bathrooms and cloakrooms for a continuous fresh scent   
  • The Essential Reed Diffusers range offers 100ml bottles in clear or frosty with the choice of 6 different fragrances and 4 different colour reeds with the additional choice of 3 different caps. This size bottle would suit a larger space such as a hallway or bedroom 
  • Our Indulge Reed Diffuser range offers 200ml and is part of our premium range offering the widest choice from all the different coloured reeds and 9 premium frangrance to fill larger rooms, such as your lounge or kitchen with beautiful long lasting scent 
  • Black, Silver and Gold Caps


  • Bottle Caps are only included in the Classic and Essential Range. They perfectly hide the screw top thus turning the bottle into a stylish accessory for your home
  • Choose from Black or Silver in the Classic Range and in the Essential Range we offer Black and Silver and additionally we offer also Gold
  • Fibre and Porex® e-Reeds


  • POREX® introduces a new innovation to the fragrance industry – colored diffuser wicks.  POREX® e-Reeds™ are now available in an assortment of colors and have been engineered for use in solvent-based fragrance diffuser products. Porex fragrance wicks offer now color selections to meet a wide variety of décor and accent possibilities.
  • Fibre reeds are custom made for use in reed diffusers and tend to clog less frequently than rattan reeds.  The black fibre reeds have a pure black appearance, even when unused/dry. Each reed is 6mm thick Available in black and white

  • Neroli Rose 200ml [Rose Garden]

  • Bergamot & Lime 200ml [Spicy Freshness]

  • Earl Grey 200ml [Afternoon Break]

  • Citrus Lavender 200ml [Unwinding Moments]

  • Sandalwood & Oud 200ml [Orient Express]

  • Greentea Grapefruit 200ml [Summer Sweet]

  • Nordic Pine 200ml [Morning Walk]

  • Lily Ylang Ylang 200ml [Exotic Wellness]

  • Fresh Linen 200ml [Spring Clean]


Classic 50nl comes in 3 fragrances:

  • Neroli Rose [Rose Garde] is a delicate, sweet Orange Blossom and calming, soothing Rose intoxicate the senses
  • Fresh Linen [Spring Clean] - Imagine a gentle breeze on a spring day, a refreshing blend of cotton flower and mimosa 
  • Greentea Grapefruit [Summer Sweet] - It's created as a clean, uplifting, feel-good fragrance to energize, excite and revive

Essential 100ml comes in 6 fragrances with additional:

  • Citrus Lavender [Unwinding Moments] - Fruity vibrant citrus combined with soft calming lavender evoke the scent of an English garden 
  • Earl Grey [Afternoon Break] Imagine an afternoon tea, sandwiches and croquet on the lawn. Delicate with refreshingly fragrant Bergamot 
  • Bergamot & Lime [Spicy Freshness] Imagine a fresh and green Mediterranean beach, lively and bright, lush as an open citrus grove

Indulge 200ml comes in 9 fragrances with additional

  • Sandalwood & Oud [Orient Express] is an exotically oriental earthy, woody, warm sandalwood is deep, robust and smoky sweet.  
  • Nordic Pine [Morning Walk] is an aromatic and woody, a bracing walk through the pine forest on a bright frosty day. Relaxing! 
  • Lily Ylang Ylang [Exotic Wellness] is a soft and fragrant bouquet of Lily, Ylang Ylang and warm vanilla to intoxicate the sense