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About Us

Our Story

Here at PureStyle of London we select, source and deliver high quality luxury scented candles and reed diffusers. We have always aspired to start up our own company and as entrepreneurs build a new venture in the consumer sector. During the last 20+ years we have watched with increased interest within the fast moving consumer business, ways to make people lives more convenient, to add some fun and create value to everyday life - thus the idea for the "Home Fragrance Club" was born. 

Over recent years there has been a rapid growth in e-commerce and therefore an increase in ventures through online activities. We have seen that subscription based purchases are trending, with examples in many different categories from personal care to food and beverages to perishables and so on. They are all based on a subscription ‘box’ model. 

We have integrated this e-commerce and subscription based model into our product business for an important and growing category – home fragrances. We have selected the best suppliers locally for high quality and premium hand-crafted products with natural and long lasting fragrances. With this new approach to the market, subscribers can personalize their product, candle and bottle size, colour, reeds and their preferred fragrances. Conveniently selected and purchased from the comfort of your home and delievered to your door. Becoming a member of our subscription service, the “Home Fragrance Club”, you will receive a replenishment of your selected product at your choosen frequency.


Our mission is to add some value to the family home ambiance by giving the subscriber of the “Home Fragrance Club” the ability to choose customized products. Consumers can enjoy these premium scents at home, being replenished on a set interval, bringing a little extra ‘happiness at home’ – all year round!  

Martin and Diana  -  Team PureStyle of London